11 months

posted Dec 7, 2010, 3:29 PM by Alison Roedel
Today, our baby boy turned 11 months old!  It truly is amazing how quickly time flies.  It's just hard to imagine that Ryland's first birthday is just around the corner.  He's starting to outgrow his star-shaped blanket:


Ryland has changed and developed so much in the last month.  He stands independently for several seconds, but has yet to attempt taking a step alone.  He will hold onto our hands and walk reasonably well with the weight of his body on his feet rather than hanging from his arms.  Ryland loves to look at books, and isn't patient enough to allow us to read many words on a page before he's ready to turn to the next page.  He plays daily with his multi-activity cube and can stack up to five blocks on top of one another.  He is still intrigued with stacking and nesting toys, and anything with lights and music is great entertainment.  Doors are a new discovery for him, and I am often restocking the kitchen cabinet of tupperware because Ryland has opened the door and pulled it all out.  His temper is starting to show at times when he wants something and it is taken away, like the dishwasher door being closed while he's trying to manipulate the soap dispenser on it.  Ryland has four teeth now and he's started eating off our plates a little more, with bread, fruits and veggies (especially peas), rice, pasta, cheese, even an occasional nibble of a cookie or cupcake.  Here is the last month in pictures: