21 months

posted Oct 10, 2011, 4:14 PM by Alison Roedel   [ updated Oct 10, 2011, 7:58 PM ]
It seems like I just posted a month's update, but it's already time for another!  Ryland is 21 months old.

He was more interested in throwing leaves than taking pictures:

But we managed to get a couple of cute shots:

Not much has changed in his development this month, although he finally got the first of his canine teeth to pop through the gums, and a second isn't far behind.  His speech improves weekly...more of his words are clearer and easier to understand.  He's getting better at helping read stories (saying the next word when we stop in the middle of a sentence), "reading" his favorite books (retelling the story using several of the words he's heard read aloud to him), and also singing or reciting finger plays on his own (I'll have to try to catch some of those on video...).  He's adding to his collection of videos that he likes to watch, including Blue's Clues and WordWorld, although BOZ still seems to be his favorite.

This month's pictures show Ryland busy playing outside, reading books, feeding ducks, riding tractors, and helping mix cupcakes:

Here's a video of Ryland working some alphabet puzzles:

And here's a video of Ryland playing hide & seek with a frog in the bathtub: