Aa is for apple

posted Oct 25, 2011, 3:51 PM by Alison Roedel
I've started making the activities I do with Ryland fit around a theme.  A couple of weeks ago, we focused on apples, exploring the letter Aa and the color red.  I took a lot of pictures, and several videos.  Some activities were: coloring the word "red," matching Aa pictures to silhouettes or colored pictures to black and white, playing animal matching games, walking with an apple balanced on a spoon, playing with red play-dough, driving cars on an Aa-shaped track, playing the alligator xylophone, and more.  The scripture memory verse we worked on was "Keep me as the apple of your eye..."  Psalm 17:8.  One of Ryland's favorite activities that got the most use was a sensory tub filled with all sorts of red things from around the house.  With this box, Ryland played hide-and-seek, counting, scooping and pouring colored beans, stacking, sorting into muffin tins, spelling "red," and so much more.

Playing with his red sensory tub, finding the strawberry:

The same game, but this time he forgot that's where the strawberry was and is a little surprised to see it:

Still in the sensory tub, now Ryland is trying to count the pompoms as he puts them in the hole:

Ryland loves playing this animal cracker matching game:

And finally, Ryland demonstrates his understanding of loud and soft on his alligator xylophone: