Baby's First Easter

posted Apr 5, 2010, 1:32 PM by Alison Roedel
Easter weekend was fun, but busy.  Ryland experienced his first Easter egg hunt, his first "acting" job, his first allergy attack...poor little guy!

Here are just some fun Easter pictures I took at home:

These are from the church egg hunt:
Ryland learns from his cousin how an egg hunt is supposed to work: just eat rocks
Ryland spits up instead...Kirsten's method makes him sick!
Ryland is totally uninterested in the little duckling
Mommy helps Ryland "milk" the wooden cow

Sunday afternoon family pictures:

Okay, so Ryland's film debut:  A friend we got to know while performing in Seussical the Musical a couple of years ago wrote a screenplay about two sisters who made different choices growing up...the end of the movie shows the now adult sisters and thier families getting together at a picnic.  We took him out to their house for filming Saturday afternoon, and he did great playing his role as "baby" to one of the couples (it's like he was born for the part).  The hope is that this film can be used as an outreach in churches and AWANA groups.  We are anxious to see the completed project, and will have to have a movie night at our house when we get a copy of it.  We did video  a little just for a sneak peak:
(Notice how when the camera man says "Action" Ryland snaps right into character!)