Balloon Glow

posted Aug 7, 2010, 8:02 AM by Alison Roedel
Last weekend we went to the Great Texas Balloon Race and Glow out at the airport.  We weren't sure how Ryland would react to the crowd and all the noise and being outside in the heat for so long, but he did great, even staying out so late.  We took a lot of pictures...most of them with Ryland.  


Starting off
with plenty
of sunscreen:


We saw part of the air show: 

and ate dinner:


We watched
 the cluster balloon guy 
take off:


Ryland got to sit in the cockpit of a plane (I think a Citabria) 
and in the seat of a big construction tractor:



When the balloon glow started, we stood on the field watching close-up.  
Ryland was mostly in awe as the balloons around him lit up:

The twinkle glow:

We treated ourselves
 to a funnel cake 
as we left, 
and then spent nearly an hour in traffic getting home!

A long night, but very fun.