Fifteen Months

posted Apr 7, 2011, 5:27 PM by Alison Roedel
Ryland turned fifteen months old today.
He had his check-up at the doctor, and she said his development is right on track.
Height: 29.5 inches (9.09%)
Weight: 19.4 pounds (1.52%)
Head Circumference: 18 inches (13.34%)

In the past month, Ryland has improved his toddling to become a more steady walker.  His favorite toys are books and puzzles, hands down.  He's started to recognize that the television can be entertaining as he controls the games and songs on the screen with the keys on his toy piano.  Ryland has seven teeth, and he eats so much, sometimes we think there must be a leak on him somewhere that we haven't found yet.  When he's ready to eat, he isn't very patient in waiting for food to be heated, cooled, or cut, so that's something we definitely have to work on.  Ryland loves to take baths, but doesn't care much for drying off and getting dressed after a bath.  His newest word is "cracker" (sounds like "kaakaa"), but his most used word is "daddy."  He points to the phone and says "Daddy?"  He walks to the front door and says "Daddy?"  He wakes up from nap and says "Daddy?"  Some of his other favorite people are his cousin Kirsten and his friend Karys (if he hears me say either of their names, he goes to the front door to see if they are here to play).

This month, we've had fun going to the daffodil gardens with Grandma, going to a St. Patrick's Day Picnic, going to babysit at church, and staying home because of a virus that looked like chicken-pox (okay, so the last one wasn't fun, but the rest of it was!).  Here are some pictures from March:

While I was typing this, Ryland was in the hallway playing with a toy cup and plastic Easter egg.  He'd put the egg in the cup and shake it until the egg fell out, then he'd laugh hysterically.  I captured it on video for your enjoyment: