Four Months

posted May 7, 2010, 7:05 PM by Alison Roedel
Our little man is four months old!  Because of his facial expressions, I sometimes think he seems older than that, but then because he is still so small for his age, I think he seems younger.  He's definitely growing and filling out...he doesn't have skinny little pencil legs anymore.  We see the doctor later this month, and we'll get new stats posted then.  Here are his four month pictures:

Ryland is starting to hold toys more often, and is exploring them with his mouth:

He drools a lot, but is not showing any other signs of teething.  He sometimes manages to blow bubbles and seems to have fun doing so.

He loves to change clothes, and often giggles when his shirt is pulled off (I guess it tickles) .  He plays with the elephant mirror mobile above his changing table, sometimes getting mad when he's picked up and carried away...

Some random pictures from the last month:

And leaving you with a good laugh: