If I Ran the Zoo

posted May 20, 2011, 3:27 PM by Alison Roedel
Earlier this month, we took a family trip to the zoo.  Ryland wasn't sure about all the animals, but there were a few that he recognized from books, and he pointed and made a lot of animals sounds.  The penguins were among his favorites, probably because he was a little more free to roam inside the building and could get right up next to the glass where they were swimming.  He also seemed enthralled with the flamingos.  Feeding the birds in the wild bird walkabout was very entertaining...Ryland wasn't at all afraid of the birds flying around his head or even standing on his feeding stick (at one point, Ryland and a bird were both eating the stick at the same time)!  We took lots of pictures...enjoy! 

It was a fun day.  We'll definitely be visiting the zoo again this summer!