It's a...

posted Aug 7, 2009, 2:46 PM by Alison Roedel
...good thing you have the link to this page, because this is where we reveal the sex of our little one.  Be prepared: there are several pictures to follow.  First, here's my 22 week belly picture:

Now, here' our little one, showing off:

As cooperative as he was to reveal himself, he seemed a little picture shy when it came to his face.  The technician would roll over his head, say "There's his face," and then before she had a chance to snap a picture, he would turn away.  She poked a little harder, wiggled around on my belly, went back down to his abdomen, and came back to his head.  This happened over and over.  He was much more interested in looking at my spine (maybe since we took so many pictures of his spine, of which the nurse said he had a very "beautiful" one), so that finally she had me turn on my side and she positioned the wand farther around.  At this point, I had my back turned to the screen, but Mark says that 4-D sonograms are "stinkin' cool." 


When she could get a shot of his face, he often had one hand in front of it, along with a foot nearby.  The other foot, however, was commonly found at the other end of his body where it belongs, along with the other hand nearby.  Maybe we've got an acrobat.  He twisted and turned an awful lot, and I told the nurse that I didn't have any caffeine as had been suggested to me to make the baby more active for pictures.  I did, however, have ice cream, and the nurse wanted to know what kind.  When I told her it was double fudge brownie sundae, she said this little guy must like chocolate a lot.

He's 15 ounces, and his heart rate was 149.  Everything looks good.  My blood pressure was, as the nurse said, "excellent."  So far, my protein and sugar levels are fine.  I have the glucose test next month.  So, we hope you enjoy these sneak peeks at what our little man will look like.  We'll stay updated as we have news.