January Fun

posted Mar 19, 2012, 7:20 PM by Alison Roedel
This New Year started out fun.  We babysat a couple of kids overnight New Year's Eve, then joined Grandma and Grandpa on New Year's Day at the resort in Tyler.  Later in the month, we went to a local firehouse with the church's play group.  Winter didn't seem to last long around here, but we did have a few cold days.  Ryland has had a lot of fun with all the new toys he got for Christmas and his birthday, and watching his development in play is just amazing sometimes.  He has become more opinionated with his food choices day by day as made clear by some of the faces he makes when we try to put food he doesn't want into his mouth.  He still eats well, he's just not always in the mood for what is served that day.  

Here is a video of Ryland enjoying his Legos from his birthday.  We've set up the grocery store.  Ryland walks the shopper into the store, puts a cake into the shopping cart, takes it to the cashier to scan at the register, then proceeds to walk the shopper with her cake out of the store and to her waiting car.

Ryland's academic learning has soared.  He has advanced beyond letters and sounds, and is now beginning to read words.  We love to have friends over for what we call "Preschool Learning Playdays,"  where we set out the tools we've used over a couple of weeks for others to explore and learn with.  In January, our theme was winter, with snow and polar animals.  We learned about the color white and the letter Ww.  We ate waffles, matched words on polar bears to pictures on snowflakes, made snowflakes with small white shapes, matched the letter w to pictures of w words, counted buttons on snowmen, made snowflake snacks, counted white things from the winter sensory tub, made a walrus craft, painted white snowflakes on a winter window scene, and more.

We ended the month with the letter Ii, talking about ice and igloos.  Our activities included counting scoops of ice cream, melting ice cubes with letter beads frozen inside, making a craft with penguins on ice flows, ate homemade ice cream (everyone's favorite!), made pictures with 10 Black Dots (a book title), and more.

I'll leave you with a video of Ryland singing "Old MacDonald" while playing with his farm set: