Little Puzzle Master

posted Jun 1, 2011, 11:44 AM by Alison Roedel
Ryland loves to do puzzles.  We caught him doing several different puzzles on video recently.

The first one is a simple shapes puzzle.  He is finding a sense of humor and sometimes puts a piece in the wrong place then laughs about it.  Notice how he puts the circle in the square hole, then fixes it:

Next is his numbers puzzle.  The number zero and the number nine pieces are missing, and have been for a week or so, so after all the other numbers are in place, Ryland will demonstrate that he doesn't know where those pieces are by holding his hands out to the side, then he will point down the hall to indicate that we should go to his room to look for the missing pieces.

Now that his numbers puzzle is completed (sans 0 and 9), he shows off his amazingly good matching skills as Mommy writes a number on the MagnaDoodle and Ryland finds that number in his puzzle:

And this last video shows what Ryland does when a puzzle is a little more challenging and Mommy is too busy holding the video camera to help him put the pieces in place: