One Month

posted Feb 9, 2010, 10:56 AM by Alison Roedel
Sunday was Ryland's one-month birthday.  He officially graduated into size one diapers, but is still wearing newborn size clothes.  He lifts his head up when held upright against your chest, and when laid on his stomach he lifts his head and completely turns it to the other side.  He likes to eat, and is pretty good with a pacifier (although if he can get his thumb, any part of his fist, or his wrist in his mouth, that seems to be quite satisfying to him).  Mark gives him a bottle each morning before going to work and another in the evening before getting ready for bed, and really enjoys that father/son time.  Ryland usually sleeps for one four-hour stretch sometime overnight, although getting to that point often first requires several one-hour naps broken up by feedings.  His favorite place to be (besides in our arms being fed) is in his vibrating rocking chair, but the swing is becoming an overnight lifesaver when he decides that 2am is not sleeping time!  We go to the pediatrician for his one-month check-up later this week and we'll see how he's growing in numbers.  For now, I'll share his growth in pictures:

He was cooperative enough to allow me to take a quick picture on the changing table:

but didn't like it so much when I moved him to the floor with my cold hands:

so we got dressed and tried again...with better results:

One more shot on a different blanket:

To celebrate his "birthday" we joined friends from church for a Superbowl gathering, Ryland dressed in his football best.  Go Saints!

Mark enjoys the game,
while Ryland falls asleep in Daddy's arms,

so it's time for pajamas...

...then Ryland decides to stay awake to see the end of the game.