San Antonio

posted Aug 6, 2011, 5:26 AM by Alison Roedel
Mark had a conference to attend in San Antonio, so Alison and Ryland went with him.  This was Ryland's first stay in a hotel, and a nice one to start in (The Westin Riverwalk)  We went swimming at the hotel, and I took a collection of books and toys to keep Ryland entertained.  We enjoyed walking down the Riverwalk and around Alamo Plaza.  We found a great children's playground within walking distance, too, and the mall has the perfect little play area for toddlers.  

Ryland kept the hotel cleaning staff entertained when we went into the hallway with his toy duck.  In this video, he stops to point out the letter T in the exit sign and make the sound "t..t..t" while his finger "ticks" like a clock.  As he continues down the hall, he quacks like a duck.

Our original plan following the conference was to spend a couple of nights at the time-share resort in San Marcos, but they didn't have any rooms available, so we went to Alison's brother's (Kevin) house in Johnson City.  Lisa made a chocolate covered strawberry shortcake for Alison's birthday.  There was a present, and the kids each made a card.  So sweet!