Seven Months

posted Aug 8, 2010, 4:25 PM by Alison Roedel
Well, yesterday our baby boy turned 7 months old.  

This stage of development is so much fun.  Ryland can sit well now, and prefers it as his play position.  When he topples onto his back, he sometimes giggles.  He still doesn't care for being on his stomach much, and often gets stuck there (although he just as often rolls over onto his back again).  Occasionally when he rolls onto his tummy, he'll reach for something in the "army crawl" position, but isn't really scooting yet.  He doesn't seem terribly interested in growing teeth, but certainly enjoys eating solid foods.  His current diet includes (besides breast milk and formula): oatmeal, rice cereal, green beans, bananas, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, pears, and brown rice.  He's also started drinking diluted pear juice from a sippy cup.  Some of his favorite toys are his "spiky" ball, his exersaucer, his silver rattle, and his "toothbrush."  He has a well-loved (i.e. chewed on) teddy bear that helps him sleep (usually) through the night.  Outside continues to be a favorite location, and a quick walk around the house often calms him down.  Sometimes Daddy gets home from work to find us just sitting on the porch watching cars drive by.

This month we took a lot of pictures, so get ready:

Ryland is easily entertained watching the Roomba (affectionately named Mr. Belvedere) vacuuming the living room.  Here's a video that I posted on Facebook, but never put on the blog: