Seventeen Months

posted Jun 7, 2011, 7:26 PM by Alison Roedel
Today, Ryland turned 17 months old!  He's getting so big!

He loves to move.  Getting pictures of Ryland recently has been an on-the-go job.  I've noticed more clarity to his word-like sounds this month.  He says "daddy", please ("peace"), thank you ("tatoo"), up ("up"), down ("dow"), done ("duh"), eat ("at"), out ("at"), hat ("at"), cat ("at"), that ("at"), this ("ees"), "Hi, Baby" (with hand waving in said baby's face), "bye", bee ("bee" followed by "zzz" and pinched fingers flying around), dog ("ga" followed by panting).  He holds his hands to his chest to say "love you" and blows kisses.  He can name the letter A and the number 8, sometimes B, 2, F.  When asked, he can identify several other letters and just about all the numbers by pointing to them.  His favorite letter seems to be W, even though he can't say its name.  He makes the sound of K while kicking his foot, and is beginning to identify people whose names begin with K by making the sound and kicking (Kirsten, Karys, Kim).  His favorite toys tend to be letters and numbers (magnetic, foam, puzzle pieces) and carries them with him everywhere I'll let him (in the car, around the house, in the bath, to bed).  If I have words on my t-shirt, he will look for a matching toy letter and hold it up to my chest.  He still loves books and puzzles, and he plays with his toy cars a lot, too (he makes a good "vroom" sound...when he sees toy or real cars).  He loves to be outside and slide or ride his tricycle or cozy coupe or throw a ball, but he doesn't like getting wet in the pool or sprinkler (although he likes to play in the bath tub).  He's so much fun to watch and listen to, and he's growing and developing so much I feel like I can't keep up and I might miss something!

Here are some pictures from the month of May: