Shower of Blessings

posted Nov 16, 2009, 2:26 PM by Alison Roedel   [ updated Nov 16, 2009, 3:03 PM ]
Wow!  What a great baby shower we had at church yesterday afternoon for Ryland!  Mark and I feel so blessed and so loved by our church family, it gives just a glimpse into how God must feel about He loves us regardless of how much we feel like we don't deserve it.

I forgot to take my camera, but a few other cameras were at the shower.  I will post some of those pictures when I get them later.  Thank you for all who helped host this wonderful afternoon honoring Ryland!  A special thanks goes to Jaime for organizing the whole thing, and providing extra blessings and encouragement over the last couple of months.  

Well, we managed to get all the gifts unloaded and unpacked into the baby's room, and arranged for a couple of pictures.  There's a lot of stuff here, so it's kinda hard to see it all, but here's all the loot from yesterday:

The stroller is from a large group of friends, along with the rocker.  Merrisa made the diaper wreath with his name, and the balloon centerpiece is from Randi.  My niece Taylor worked hard to make the star pillows for her new cousin, and my sister Charity crocheted the beautiful star blanket.  There are lots of diapers (good!), a booster seat, a toy piano (in honor of his daddy), and a few penguin toys (in honor of his mommy), some books, a rattle, a couple of picture frames, car & carrier mirrors, and more!  We did get some gift cards and certificates, too, but they aren't pictured.

In this picture are the clothes, bibs, blankets, towels, etc.  There's a nice variety of sizes and styles to fill his closet and dresser with.  My Aunt Carol sent a wonderful hand-knitted sweater that I can't wait to get on Ryland.  We also received a Boppy pillow and a sleep wedge.  Look at the fun star-shaped bunting in front!  Grandma also crocheted a blanket with his name on it, but she took it back again...she says since I won't tell her the baby's birthday yet, I'll have to wait until after he's born for her to finish it.

Now, we get to work on washing all these clothes, finding a place for everything, and writing thank you notes.

Tomorrow, I get a full day of parenting practice in with baby niece Kirsten...we'll see how exhausted I am by the end of the day!