posted Dec 16, 2009, 1:03 PM by Alison Roedel
We had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and our third sonogram.  At last week's appointment, the doctor informed us that baby is head-down.  This week, however, he is breech.  The doctor said we must have a stubborn little guy in there, because most babies, once they turn head-down 3-4 weeks before delivery stay that way.  There is the possibility that Ryland simply isn't ready to come yet and feels like he still has enough room to do somersaults, and next week may have turned back into the head-down position...we'll just have to wait and see.


The sonogram pictures are a little clearer than last time, but he looks pretty much the same, just a little more filled out.  This time, it looks like he was pressed right against my stomach like leaning against a window. The baby is approximately 6 lbs 7 oz right now.  I'm not yet dilated, but have started to thin.  The
official due date is January 2, 2010.  We are getting anxious for Ryland's arrival, but are willing to wait until he is good and ready to come.  The doctor will let me go into the week of January 10 if there aren't any problems.  

I'm mostly comfortable, compared to what I've heard other expectant moms talk about.  I do get very tired after just a short activity, like quick shopping trips or cleaning up one complete room in the house, and feel like I'm just not getting much accomplished most of the time.  Some days I feel huge...other days I think, "I'm not all that big..."  Then I see a picture of myself and can't believe how big I am.