Step Three: Paint

posted Nov 14, 2009, 7:56 AM by Alison Roedel
Step one was getting the room cleared of all our junk...
Step two was scraping the wallpaper boarder off...  

A couple of friends were kind enough to help with step three, and we got it finished this week (thanks Janette and Jennie)!  The pictures are for the sole purpose of showing off the paint job, furniture will be arranged as we get it all in the room (we have an old desk that will be moved in as a changing table, the crib is being ordered, we've picked out some shelves but haven't bought them yet, and we're still looking for a glider).

 looking straight in from the hallway  from the door, looking left
(the train in the windowsill is Mark's
old toy from his, huh?)
 standing in the corner opposite the door
(on the dresser is Ryland's first teddy bear:  wearing none other than a LeTourneau University shirt!)
sorry it's a little fuzzy...the picture, not the bear

Tomorrow is our shower at church, so check back in another couple of days to see all the new baby stuff!