Thirteen Months

posted Feb 9, 2011, 7:29 PM by Alison Roedel
It was a few days ago, but Ryland is now thirteen months old.  He thinks he's too big to lay down on a blanket for pictures anymore, but here he is sitting in the rocking chair:
(acting goofy, grabbing his feet and giggling)
(arms up to show how big he is)

This month Ryland has practiced walking a lot more, but has yet to take his first steps independently.  He regularly stands for longer periods without holding onto anything (except maybe the toy that is in his hand).  His favorite toys are books...he loves to look at/read everything.  He also likes to empty the tupperware cabinet in the kitchen and crawl around with cups in each hand.  He received a lot of new toys for his birthday, and they have already been well explored.  He pushes cars around the living room and says "vroom, vroom."  He hugs his stuffed chameleon, Charlie.  He is tries to put blocks into the shape sorter, sometimes with success, but more often with pleas for help.  He pushes the buttons on every toy that has them, and dances to the music that plays.  He loves to walk up and down the hallway with his firetruck.  He still loves to go outside, even in the snow we've discovered. He rides his new tricycle and "drives" his new car any time we are willing to take him out.

We've faced some cold season illness this past month, with Ryland getting his first ear infection and a couple of common colds as well.  Those times are not as happy around our house, but we seem to always manage to get through them, and we know there will be other sick times throughout his childhood.

Ryland now has four teeth on top, but still only two on bottom.  He eats almost anything we give him, and wants us to share our food with him, or wants to share his with us (in the church nursery, he will hand feed his cheerios to an eager young friend).  He loves to use a fork, and is starting to understand how to spear some food without help.

I've taught Ryland several simple signs in American Sign Language, and he uses those to communicate (hopefully cutting down on the whining, and hopefully not slowing down spoken language development).  He asks for "more" or signs "all done" in his high chair, and can sign "eat" and "milk."  He often signs "please" or "want" when he needs help or just attention.  He is starting to use "thank you" when told.  He signs "dog" and pants when he sees a picture of a dog or hears someone say the word dog, but hasn't learned any other animals, yet.

Here are pictures from the month of January.  Enjoy!